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Your 2024-2025 Benefits Guide

Medical / Preventive Care

Get Preventive Care to Stay Healthy and Save Money

In-network preventive care — like an annual checkup — is covered by Smiths Group Anthem Plans at no out of pocket cost to you. It could save your life by identifying potential health problems early when they may be easier to treat or cure.

Take Action to Stay Well!

The best way to stay healthy is to avoid getting sick in the first place. In-network preventive care is 100% covered under our medical and dental plans, and can help you stay well all-year-long at no cost to you.

One of the most important steps you can take is to get an annual physical. Talk to you doctor about flu shots and other immunizations and preventive care based on your age and family history or check out age and gender appropriate preventive care at the Anthem Preventive site. For example, when should you get a mammogram or colonoscopy?

Understand the Difference Between Preventive and Diagnostic

It’s important to understand the differences between preventive care and diagnostic care, you pay for diagnostic care. Diagnostic care is generally provided when you show signs or symptoms of a health issue. During your checkup, if you receive a diagnosis for an issue, or treatment or screenings for an existing condition, the visit is not considered preventive and the deductible and coinsurance will apply.


Learn more about covered preventive care at the Anthem Preventive site.