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Your 2024-2025 Benefits Guide


What is the difference between preventive care and diagnostic care?

Preventive care includes certain immunizations (e.g., flu shot)and screenings (e.g., mammogram) for prevention and early detection of conditions or diseases. If a medical condition is diagnosed or considered probable, even during a preventive exam, any follow up visits or treatment will be considered diagnostic. When you visit your doctor for a check-up, always be sure […]

What medical services are subject to my deductible?

In general, all medical services—with the exception of  in-network covered preventive care services (HSA & PPO) and prescription drugs (PPO plan)—are subject to your deductible. Once the deductible is met, medical services will be subject to coinsurance. Medical services may include hospital, surgical, diagnostic, mental health and prescription medications. 2022-2023 Benefits Guide

What medical services are covered at 100%, not subject to my deductible?

Covered preventive care services received by an In-Network provider are covered at 100% regardless of whether you have met your deductible. Learn more about preventive care.

Will I be protected if I experience a catastrophic illness or injury?

Yes. Once you reach the Out-of-Pocket Maximum, the plan will pay for all eligible medical expenses for the remainder of the plan year. Remember, although you may have reached your Out-of-Pocket Maximum, Out-of-Network providers can still send you bills for charges that are not covered by the plan. To reduce your costs, you should try […]

How does my deductible work?

You must meet your annual deductible before the plan begins to pay a percentage of your claims(coinsurance). Certain services, such as in-network covered preventive care, will be paid at 100% regardless of whether you have met your deductible. Take a look at the 2023-2023 Benefits Guide for more details.