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Virtual Physical Therapy with Hinge Health

More than half of adults have back and joint pain.

If you’re struggling with joint and/or muscle pain, like a throbbing back, aching knees, or weak ankle, contact Hinge Health today for expert care.

Hinge Health is more than exercise therapy. Our virtual programs combine gentle exercise with 1-on-1 support to reduce your pain and help you move with confidence.

Whether your goal is to go hiking more, work in your garden, take the stairs, getting in and out of cars easily, lifting groceries and kids, or sleeping well at night Hinge Health can help.

Hinge Health can help you toward pain relief with exercises that can be done in 15 minutes a day­ anytime, anywhere you’re comfortable.

Take advantage of your Hinge Health benefit today.

Eligible* family members may also join at no additional cost to them.

Apply at or call 855-902-2777

*Participants must be 18+ and enrolled in an Anthem medical plan through Smiths Group.