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My child/spouse/domestic partner needs emotional support/counseling. How can I help?

We all have challenges at times, help is available.  Please contact Lyra, our Mental Health vendor at 877-331-4678 or online at Lyra Health.

How to help when a family member is struggling.

What is Lyra Health?

Lyra is a Smiths-sponsored benefit that connects employees and their dependents to mental and emotional health care that is effective, convenient, and personalized. Using technology, proven treatments, and a network of top therapists and coaches, Lyra matches you to the right care for your needs, from short-term therapy and coaching to mental wellness tools. Lyra also provides work life services (Link: life) to help you work through personal life obstacles. These services include legal, identity theft, financial, and dependent care services.

Who can use Lyra?

Lyra is here to serve U.S. benefits-eligible Smiths employees, spouses and domestic partners, and dependents (up to age 26).

What types of issues can Lyra help me solve?

Lyra can help with stress, anxiety, depression, communication issues, sleep disorders, and other common issues that can be addressed through services such as therapy, coaching, or mental wellness tools. Maybe you are feeling sad, disinterested in things you used to enjoy, or like anxiety has taken over your life. Perhaps you can’t sleep or eat, or you are sleeping or eating too much.

Lyra can also help with family or couple issues. Whether you feel stuck in a relationship and don’t know what to do next, are going through a rough patch with your partner, or have encountered a life change that impacts the entire family, Lyra providers can help.

How does Lyra work?

Use our online platform or contact our care team directly to tell us about what you’re going through. We’ll then share how we can help with different care options, such as Guided Self-Care, Mental Health Coaching, therapy, and mental wellness tools that fit your needs and preferences, and get you started right away. Throughout your experience with Lyra we’ll check in to see how it’s going and be there for you every step of the way.

What’s it like getting care with Lyra?

Our goal is to provide care that will help you feel better as soon as possible. Lyra supports evidence-based methods that have been proven by research to be effective, also known as evidence-based care. Evidence-based care focuses on building new skills and can include daily or weekly activities and exercises to practice these skills in your everyday life. It’s the regular practice that makes the skills stick and accelerates your progress in care.

All of Lyra’s providers are vetted to ensure they use these evidence-based treatments. Because evidence-based care is highly effective, many members that choose to see a provider feel better and complete care in just 6-13 sessions, while others with more acute symptoms might need more care.

How long does it take to use Lyra?

It usually takes just over 10 minutes to complete the online assessment (Link: and get connected to a top therapist, coach, or self-guided program for your needs. You can also call the care team at (877) 331-4678to start the conversation immediately.

How much does Lyra cost?

Your Lyra mental health benefit covers up to16 sessions of mental health coaching of mental health coaching and therapy per benefit year (8/1 – 7/31), at no cost to you.

We also cover the cost of your first consultations with work life services, after which you will be able to pay a discounted fee if you choose to continue engagement with the service.

What is therapy?

A Lyra therapist can help you to understand the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how problems in one or more areas can lead to conditions like depression, eating disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder. A Lyra therapist can also support you in identifying factors that increase emotional distress and suggest new strategies for managing these situations effectively. Lyra only supports evidence-based therapies, which means the methods used by our providers have been proven to work.

In therapy, you may learn new skills for managing intense anxiety or deep depression and alternatives to coping strategies that haven’t been working for you. Over time we’ll help you develop tools to manage and relieve your symptoms so you can start to feel better and get back to feeling more like the real you.

Watch this video to learn more.

For therapy, you can choose whether to meet in a provider’s office or by live video from any place with an internet connection. For Mental Health Coaching, you have the option to meet by live video, live messaging, or telephone for your sessions. There are also mental wellness tools available. Not sure what is right for you? The Lyra care team can answer your questions 24/7 by phone at (877) 331-4678, by email at, or by web chat at

What does Lyra not cover?

Services that are not covered include: psychiatry, inpatient or residential treatment, hospitalization (including partial), intensive outpatient treatment, emergent care, long-term care or counseling, prescription medication, autism spectrum disorder treatment, services for remedial education, executive coaching, and non-evidence-based behavioral health care. Please check with your medical plan or benefits portal for coverage of these excluded services.

Will Smiths know if I use Lyra?

Lyra does not share information with Smiths that identifies which individuals are in care unless you request us to share this information. For more details about the types of information we collect and/or share, please see our privacy policy and HIPAA notice.