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Anthem’s LiveHealth Online (LHO)

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Anthem’s LiveHealth Online FAQ

LHO should not be used for emergency care. If you experience a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

What is LiveHealth Online (LHO)?

With LiveHealth Online (LHO), you have a doctor on call 24/7. LHO lets you talk face-to-face with a doctor through your mobile device or a computer with a webcam. No appointments, no driving and no waiting at an urgent care center.

Use LHO for common health concerns like colds, the flu, fevers, rashes, infections, allergies and more! It’s faster, easier and more convenient than a visit to an urgent care center.

Why would I use LiveHealth Online instead of going to visit my doctor in person?

LHO is not meant to replace your primary care physician. It’s a convenient option for care when your physician is not available. LHO connects you with a board-certified doctor in just a couple of minutes. Plus, you can get a LHO visit summary from the MyHealth tab to print, email or fax to your primary doctor.


When is LiveHealth Online available?

Doctors are available on LHO 24/7, 365 days a year.

Is there a LiveHealth Online app that I can download to my smartphone?

Yes, to use a mobile device, search for LiveHealth Online in the App StoreSM or on Google PlayTM. To learn what mobile devices are supported and get instructions, go to and select frequently asked questions under the How it Works tab.

Do doctors have access to my health information?

Sometimes – it depends on whether or not you set up an account. With a LiveHealth Online account, you can allow doctors to access and review your health information from past visits. Also, to help keep track of your own health information, you can self-report it at Once you sign in, go to the MyHealth tab and then select Health Record.

How does LiveHealth Online work?

When you need to see a doctor, simply go to or access the LHO mobile app. Select the state you are located in and answer a few questions.

Establishing an account allows you to securely store your personal and health information. Plus, you can easily connect with doctors in the future, share your health history and schedule online visits at times that fit your schedule.

Once connected, you can talk and interact with the doctor as if you were in a private exam room.

How long does a LiveHealth Online session with a doctor usually last?

A typical LHO session lasts about 10 minutes.

How much does it cost to use LiveHealth Online?

The cost for an online doctor visit is just $49 if you haven’t met your plan’s deductible. If your health plan covers these visits, you may owe less. Either way, you will always see what you owe before you begin a visit.

Will I be charged more if I use LiveHealth Online on weekends, holidays or at night?

No, the cost is the same.

How do I pay for LiveHealth Online session?

LHO accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards as payment for an online visit with a doctor. Please keep in mind that charges for prescriptions aren’t included in the cost of your doctor’s visit.

Can I get online care from a doctor if I’m traveling or in another state?

Yes, just make sure to select the state you’re in under My Location and you’ll only see doctors licensed to treat you in that state. Don’t forget to change your state back when you get home.

Why do some states offer prescriptions after my visit and other states don’t?

Some state laws and regulations require face-to-face visit before allowing prescriptions. Every state is different. The laws may change, so check the LiveHealth Online Availability page to see if there have been changes in your state.

Please note that doctors using LiveHealth Online are not able to prescribe controlled substances or lifestyle drugs.

Do I have what I need to access doctors through LiveHealth Online?

You will need high-speed Internet access, a webcam or built-in camera with audio capability.                                                                            To learn what computer hardware and software you need, go to and select frequently asked questions under the How it works tab.

Who do I get in touch with if I still have questions?

You can email or call toll free 1-855-603-7985. If you send an email, please be sure to include your name, email address and a phone number where you can be reached.

Check out the LiveHealth Online mobile app flier here!